Monday, September 19, 2016

New directions; new ideas


                      Omo, it's been a while! Definitely been a while... When was the last time I updated my blog? LAST FEBRUARY? How embarrassing! I'm really sorry for being away for so long. I really have this tendency to just keep procrastinating when it comes to updating here. Again, I apologize for the LOOOOONG wait for my return of activity.

                     Good news! My parcel just arrived local time 1:10 pm this afternoon and I am happy to say I have now a new laptop! *jumps around like a little kid* After my nearing-of-a-decade, my old laptop has been more dysfunctional and moody, and so it was time to say goodbye--- I AM JUST KIDDING. *jumps around a little more for a good ten seconds* My old laptop is still alive... it just has its own issues from time to time. Nevertheless, it still works! (Just don't keep bringing it around because it needs a stable table and you should avoid touching the wire. DON'T TOUCH IT OR THE SCREEN WOULD JUST AUTOMATICALLY SAY GOOD NIGHT, I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THAT) So I handed it over to my mom for sake-keeping and hopefully it won't get rusty as she's very active with her social media accounts (she doesn't even have facebook), she likes surfing the internet most of the time (she gets stuck in google search engine and takes a while before she realizes she wasn't pressing the right button to navigate correctly) and she's also considered to be a heavy gamer--- I'm serious! (she's a professional when it comes to Feeding Frenzy 1 and 2, Zuma and Zuma's Revenge, Big Money, Insaniquarium and all other Popcap games she likes)

                    So I have uploaded a very recent photo of myself as the photo I have placed above was from three years ago! I hope this would be one way of saying truce to my inactive blog for some time. HAHAHAHAHA (please let me laugh so I won't feel it's awkward) WAIT. I have another great news--- the one I said from last post that I'd be traveling again... and by the grace of God, it's happening again! Our next stop is--- Osaka.

                    Yes, you heard me right! It's Osaka, Japan! I am so excited because our visa was also approved yesterday and we just submitted it wo weeks ago. The Lord is so goooood. It is truly a blessing to be able to travel with your family, one country at a time.

 Above all, I missed my blog... but I missed you all the more! Let's all catch up soon!
Stay tuned for my other rants and possibly just anything I can think of.

L E A V E   M E   A    M E S S A G E / C O M M E N T / F E E D B A C K  mwaaaaaa!