Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Seoul Searching!

I'm truly sorry for not being active since the time I posted which was almost a month ago. A lot has happened for the past couple of weeks: semi-finals was fast approaching, more school events and I was scheduled to fly to Seoul, South Korea on the third week of the month and now, I'm finally here!

We arrived at Incheon International Airport last Sunday and my flight back to Manila (MNL) Philippines is already  tomorrow evening. Wow, time flew by so fast! I want a couple of days more if I were to decide on things. (But I already have a ticket lol go figure Rona) hopefully, we're planning to come back next year or next year will be--- Tokyo, Japan!

I missed you guys! I'm really sorry for being away for too long! Hope to catch up with you all soon! Replying to all messages as soon as I get my hands on my moody laptop, which I need to replace soon. Talk to you guys soon x

P.S. Gonna post more photos so stay tuned on my travel review of HK, Macau and Seoul! (COMING SOON) Everyone, PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE! Mwaaaaaa

R. <3