Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rona's back: I'm back in the flesh!

I am tremendously excited! *squats gazillion times*


Hi. Sorry that I only got to update right now and kinda wasn't active for the past two weeks because our midterms was supposedly last last week but then it was delayed then pushed to last week so yeah, I kinda dragged myself for the period of time but I'm okay now... For now. (keeping my sanity here!)

Anyways, how is everybody? I'm really looking forward to decorating and getting busy with html codes and stuff with my blog but I guess I need more time to really be able to do that. How's school and work, you guys? School for me right now is really boring, just kidding. Well, studies really puts me to the edge where I might really suffer from neurological exhaustion from just staring at my textbooks everyday and even during night time which are really thick and heavy. #medicalstudentproblems enough whining for today because I'm kinda happy tonight.

Well, it's 8:45 PM from where I am and the weather is on the cold side, which is really delightful but nowadays, I get cold easily and that shouldn't happen because I'm leaving for somewhere and that country is REALLY REALLY COLD. There's snow and I hope my body can adapt to that since it will be just a couple of days so...

Some of the navigators are good to go like MANGA/ANIME, OLDER POSTS, REVIEWS and lastly, AFFILIATION PAGE IS UP! :) Feel free to be affiliates with me! If you're interested, please drop a quick message at my tagbox and I'll make it happen HAHAHAHA (Please check out my playlist also! If you fall in love with one of the songs or it reminds you of something or someone, YOU'RE WELCOME IN ADVANCE!)

I have pending messages in my mail especially here on my tagbox. Oh gosh, sorry for leaving you guys hanging! I was really busy but I'll try to be online and active more. I'm replying back asap as soon as I'm done with this post!

P.S. I'm currently infatuated with Chris Daughtry's songs! How come I only came across these just this afternoon? Rona, do you live under a rock lol 

Good idea; I should really explore more and find real, good heart-clenching musics from now on. 

Comment and tell me what you've been up to! Try to fill me in for almost three weeks of being away. Tell me about your day because I'm really interested and also what you're up to because I'll definitely encourage you! :)

If you also have problems and you need someone to lend an ear, I'm here for you. I will pray for you so that you can overcome any hurdles in your way. Remember, nothing is impossible with God! ♥

R. ♥
26th of Jan, 2016