Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tweet Tweet is the season to be jolly

I'm feeling really down tonight as I've read rumors circulating online about a certain social application that will probably end soon as they are selling the app itself. *bursting to tears*

But before I get down with the details, let me cheer you up with Andrew Mccarthy's grin back in 1986 (Anyone would fall in love with that smile! GOODNESS) #Prettyinpink1986

Isn't he just dreamy? I can't stop... looking... at that... smile.
Please Blane, be mine.

OKAY. That's enough now. HAHAHAHAHA

Anyways, I'm actually referring to Twitter (but there hasn't be any final decision regarding the matter so all of these are purely rumors. We have yet to confirm the official release statement from Twitter themselves) I've started my account on that social app almost six years ago, which was March 2009. I tweeted a couple of times then left it on hiatus for about a year or two (even almost three I guess) before reactivating my account and I haven't left it since.

For us loyal tweeters out there, this is really a SAD news. Bummer. I mean, this app has grown on me and I'm afraid I'll be having sepanx from Twitter. No more expressing yourself in less than 140 characters, no more easy access of news and nonsense tweets all over the world, no more awesome parody accounts and most especially... There's not an app right now that serves as a catch basin for all frustration, stress, love, happiness, drama, stories of their own, humor--- you name it. Twitter let's you tweet your heart out and no one gives a damn what you rant in your account. Hey, if you don't like my tweets, then scram. No one's forcing you to follow me. (I'm just being real)

Anyways, whoever has TWITTER out there, you can follow me at @Ronixwrites while it still exists. *sniffs* I'll follow you back just tweet me that you're from the blogging world so I'll be aware. (Don't worry, I don't bite lmaooooo) I'm just trying to knock off the sadness and trying to be optimistic about everything.




I'm really excited for the upcoming holiday! I mean, less than three months, and it's Christmas already! Time flies so fast these days, don't you think?

Forgive me, I simply cannot contain my joy for this season. Please understand the child in me.

Let me know what you think about the upcoming season or anything you'd like to talk about.
What's the first thing that pops in your head? What is Christmas really about?

Don't forget to leave a message!

Much love,

Monday, September 19, 2016

New directions; new ideas


                      Omo, it's been a while! Definitely been a while... When was the last time I updated my blog? LAST FEBRUARY? How embarrassing! I'm really sorry for being away for so long. I really have this tendency to just keep procrastinating when it comes to updating here. Again, I apologize for the LOOOOONG wait for my return of activity.

                     Good news! My parcel just arrived local time 1:10 pm this afternoon and I am happy to say I have now a new laptop! *jumps around like a little kid* After my nearing-of-a-decade, my old laptop has been more dysfunctional and moody, and so it was time to say goodbye--- I AM JUST KIDDING. *jumps around a little more for a good ten seconds* My old laptop is still alive... it just has its own issues from time to time. Nevertheless, it still works! (Just don't keep bringing it around because it needs a stable table and you should avoid touching the wire. DON'T TOUCH IT OR THE SCREEN WOULD JUST AUTOMATICALLY SAY GOOD NIGHT, I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THAT) So I handed it over to my mom for sake-keeping and hopefully it won't get rusty as she's very active with her social media accounts (she doesn't even have facebook), she likes surfing the internet most of the time (she gets stuck in google search engine and takes a while before she realizes she wasn't pressing the right button to navigate correctly) and she's also considered to be a heavy gamer--- I'm serious! (she's a professional when it comes to Feeding Frenzy 1 and 2, Zuma and Zuma's Revenge, Big Money, Insaniquarium and all other Popcap games she likes)

                    So I have uploaded a very recent photo of myself as the photo I have placed above was from three years ago! I hope this would be one way of saying truce to my inactive blog for some time. HAHAHAHAHA (please let me laugh so I won't feel it's awkward) WAIT. I have another great news--- the one I said from last post that I'd be traveling again... and by the grace of God, it's happening again! Our next stop is--- Osaka.

                    Yes, you heard me right! It's Osaka, Japan! I am so excited because our visa was also approved yesterday and we just submitted it wo weeks ago. The Lord is so goooood. It is truly a blessing to be able to travel with your family, one country at a time.

 Above all, I missed my blog... but I missed you all the more! Let's all catch up soon!
Stay tuned for my other rants and possibly just anything I can think of.

L E A V E   M E   A    M E S S A G E / C O M M E N T / F E E D B A C K  mwaaaaaa!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Seoul Searching!

I'm truly sorry for not being active since the time I posted which was almost a month ago. A lot has happened for the past couple of weeks: semi-finals was fast approaching, more school events and I was scheduled to fly to Seoul, South Korea on the third week of the month and now, I'm finally here!

We arrived at Incheon International Airport last Sunday and my flight back to Manila (MNL) Philippines is already  tomorrow evening. Wow, time flew by so fast! I want a couple of days more if I were to decide on things. (But I already have a ticket lol go figure Rona) hopefully, we're planning to come back next year or next year will be--- Tokyo, Japan!

I missed you guys! I'm really sorry for being away for too long! Hope to catch up with you all soon! Replying to all messages as soon as I get my hands on my moody laptop, which I need to replace soon. Talk to you guys soon x

P.S. Gonna post more photos so stay tuned on my travel review of HK, Macau and Seoul! (COMING SOON) Everyone, PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE! Mwaaaaaa

R. <3

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rona's back: I'm back in the flesh!

I am tremendously excited! *squats gazillion times*


Hi. Sorry that I only got to update right now and kinda wasn't active for the past two weeks because our midterms was supposedly last last week but then it was delayed then pushed to last week so yeah, I kinda dragged myself for the period of time but I'm okay now... For now. (keeping my sanity here!)

Anyways, how is everybody? I'm really looking forward to decorating and getting busy with html codes and stuff with my blog but I guess I need more time to really be able to do that. How's school and work, you guys? School for me right now is really boring, just kidding. Well, studies really puts me to the edge where I might really suffer from neurological exhaustion from just staring at my textbooks everyday and even during night time which are really thick and heavy. #medicalstudentproblems enough whining for today because I'm kinda happy tonight.

Well, it's 8:45 PM from where I am and the weather is on the cold side, which is really delightful but nowadays, I get cold easily and that shouldn't happen because I'm leaving for somewhere and that country is REALLY REALLY COLD. There's snow and I hope my body can adapt to that since it will be just a couple of days so...

Some of the navigators are good to go like MANGA/ANIME, OLDER POSTS, REVIEWS and lastly, AFFILIATION PAGE IS UP! :) Feel free to be affiliates with me! If you're interested, please drop a quick message at my tagbox and I'll make it happen HAHAHAHA (Please check out my playlist also! If you fall in love with one of the songs or it reminds you of something or someone, YOU'RE WELCOME IN ADVANCE!)

I have pending messages in my mail especially here on my tagbox. Oh gosh, sorry for leaving you guys hanging! I was really busy but I'll try to be online and active more. I'm replying back asap as soon as I'm done with this post!

P.S. I'm currently infatuated with Chris Daughtry's songs! How come I only came across these just this afternoon? Rona, do you live under a rock lol 

Good idea; I should really explore more and find real, good heart-clenching musics from now on. 

Comment and tell me what you've been up to! Try to fill me in for almost three weeks of being away. Tell me about your day because I'm really interested and also what you're up to because I'll definitely encourage you! :)

If you also have problems and you need someone to lend an ear, I'm here for you. I will pray for you so that you can overcome any hurdles in your way. Remember, nothing is impossible with God! ♥

R. ♥
26th of Jan, 2016