Saturday, January 17, 2015

EleanorXPark: I'm currently drinking it in


Was there a time wherein you felt like helpless for the female protagonist and all you can do is whine nonstop to the point you're crying hysterically? Well...

I'm definitely now glued to this book written by Rainbow Rowell where two different people from two different race shares a strong yet gentle romance. To think Eleanor is referred to as the BIG RED in the story; seriously--- I can't really imagine her being so fat and ugly. (as they name-call her)

To be honest, I can somehow feel that I have a connection with Eleanor, the female protagonist; she's honest to the point she can be a smart-mouth, (which I often times I find myself like that) she doesn't care what she wears at all, (though she wants people to like her especially Park-love) she has a hard time communicating with herself and towards others (in a way).

I really don't know what to say about 'ASIAN BOY' but all I can say that could sum him up is only three words: I. Want. Him. Lol. He's really my Park. Idk, somehow, I appreciate his kind heart even though he tries to evade that side of his. Ayeeeee 

Anyways, I'll be making a review of this after I'm done reading since I'm only heading towards the middle of the story and I'm sure there are other scenarios and situations to occur and I want to hold onto ParkElle till the end!

Yes, I want a tandem, and they're the perfect two! Ahihihi. See ya!

- R.

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