Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The spirit of grinding teeth accompanied with snow flakes

Note: Photo credit to Radisson Blu, Cebu City for their beautiful gigantic BLUE CHRISTMAS TREE. 

As much as I hate to admit it but I'm really suffering from pain right now due to the newly pressure of my braces though it's bearable--- still; it hurts like hell.

I don't know because I'm feeling feverish then there's a lump in my throat that I need to spit out or a very discomforting feeling with my limbs and all. I'm only taking Paracetamol once in a while but I really don't really try to obsess myself with anti-inflammatory drugs. (NSAID's)

Gosh, why do I feel I'm on my period? I'm not though. Hahahahaha. Sorry.

I'm just getting some chills because of this unpredictable weather and my body's trying to adjust to the fact that everyday might be sunny or rainy--- i really don't know.

Like I said, very unpredictable.

Nevertheless, I'm enjoying my new brackets since the rubber of my braces is colored green and I matching it with my iphone neon green "glow in the dark" case. Hihihi. #girlygirly

Anyways, we're leaving in a couple of days and I can't wait for Christmas to finally come. The most awaited season in my entire life--- Thanksgiving for the gift of life and to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

Happy Holidays, folks!

- R. 🍷💅

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