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Review: Hyouka (Anime)


Spoilers are inevitable when writing a review. For best results, please watch the anime before reading reviews. But if you want to know if this is worth watching and you're too skeptical about it, feel free to scroll down and proceed.

I really like the suspense and mystery of this anime. It does really remind you of the famous Sherlock Homes but with Hyouka, I like how the four of them has their own set of strengths. (Btw, I like the second ending of Hyouka where Satoshi and Oreki are criminals and Mayaka and Chitanda are detectives a.k.a Sherlock Homes style)

Strengths: (Based on my own observation while watching)

• Oreki Houtaru: over-all, he's the ultimate sherlock homes. With evidence at-hand, he's able to put the pieces altogether, with the help of the three. He usually gives leads and ideas to solve a case. He is easily persuaded by Chitanda, thus, it's easily shown he has a soft spot for her. He has great deduction skills and will solve a case (with Chitanda's effort), his patience slowly increased and tries to finish the case at-hand as much as possible. (Due to his energy-saving-conservation-motto)
• Eru Chitanda: she's always curious, which puts Oreki's skills to test. She's good with gathering information since she's almost friends with everyone in Kamiyama. She's also very observative and meticulous even in the slightest detail. She has a good sense of smell and can see well in the dark, as she said in Episode 20 where they find themselves trapped in a barn, which to Eru's dismay, slightly Hotarou's fault. She's pretty and quite frankly kawaii! Besides, she's nice and approachable. She's usually the one looking for ways to promote the Classics' Club by approaching the News Room Club. She's contagious towards Oreki, which is a good thing.
• Mayaka: she's almost good with every task thrown at her. She's a mangaka and knows how to work well with the team. She likes Satoshi, who in returns likes her too yet too afraid to admit it. 
• Satoshi: as he self-proclaims, he's become a database; which he did prove to everyone watching. He's actually pretty good however, when compared to Houtaru, it's in a whole new type of level. It is also revealed that he does love winning and will do whatever it takes to win. He envys Oreki's talents tho. (That's why it is shown like he has split personalities)

If you're not fond of mystery or suspense, you probably might not prefer Hyouka since its focus is more on cracking cases in Kamiyama than their little romance. If I were given a chance though,I'd certainly like to put more spice in their romance and assure viewers that they'll have closure towards their feelings for each other. Let's get this straight: there are no kiss scenes between Oreki and Eru or with the other two. (They blush mostly) Nevertheless, it's a great anime. They authors, directors, producers and editors of the anime will prove it to you. I feel as though I was cliff-hanged but, aren't we all? Still, it is shown that the mysterious sloth boy and curiously adorable girl main protagonists feels the same way. 

Note: As of now, there are no reports for a Season 2 of Hyouka, but if there was, maybe in the second season, i'm 60% certain that the "giddiness and butterflies-in-my-stomach" would definitely be increased. (Well, usually, that's the case!) Let's hope together! Kyaaaa. >u<

Title: Hyouka (2012)
Episodes: 22
Run-Time: 24 minutes per episode
Genre: Suspense, Mystery, School life, light romance and comedy
Rating: For me, 8.5/10


1. Oreki's idea of conservation
I think he's really a sloth throughout the course of the story but gradually learned to be a little bit active than continue being a couch-potato. His energy conservation motto can be quite useful too in times where Chitanda suddenly gets curious. He'll need all the energy he can get.

2. Satoshi dual personality
He actually has two sides: one where he's so calm and fun, he smiles widely and always a cheerful guy, and the other side of Satoshi that shows are the signs he usually flashes: change of facial expression, the way he looks/stare back and when he wants to solve the case first and beat Oreki.

3. Eru Chitanda's curiosity
I think it's funny that Chitanda's eyes sparkle when she's curious or wants to solve the case. She's always in a rush, as said by Houtaru. 

4. Satoshi and Mayaka
I do not get Satoshi at all. If he likes Mayaka, then he should ask her out. He's afraid of being obsessed towards Mayaka, that's why a fine line is drawn between them. I also think his reasonings are unacceptable. Come on, you're only fooling yourself. If Hyouka has a season 2, get going! Man up, Satoshi!

5. Oreki's older sister
Honestly, her face is never revealed througout the story yet you can probably assume she's pretty yet mature-looking, considering Tomoe is already 20 years old, Oreki's onee-san. It is implied that she's vital and plays an important role alongside the mysteries and cases her brother faces in school. The fountain pen she gave Oreki did make wonders in the Kamiyama Festival.

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