Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reaching Empire State *SOON*

First off, I like the title.

It sounds like it's in a rush, but it's not. Reaching your destination? I think you have a goal there.

Second, Empire State.

Pop question? Where is Empire State located? Of course I know the answer! For I know the answer to my question, I leave this to you then. So, where?

Thirdly, it feels so... Upscale and in a whole new kind of level.

It gives you already an idea of how the story goes--- chasing (police, cops, detectives) or (architects, engineers due to buildings) Hahaha. No, this will be more of a suspense to the readers. (It's NOT going to be a suspense type of story!)

Genre? The only sure genre I have for this  book is sarcasm, romance, drama and a little bit of humor here and there. (Yet don't mistake it for a romantic comedy. Yikes! Not going to happen tho)

Alright, I'm blabbering again. Time to go.

P.S. I am back on track in terms of finishing what I love to start. Do not dare to interrupt such a marvelous idea! (Not really, feel free to go crazy on me)

Yours Truly,
R. 👄

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