Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Making things right.

Is there such a thing?
Someone broke my heart.
He let it slip through his fingers.
He was looking right at it,
And he wasn't afraid to let it fall.
He stared at it for the longest time.
He saw it coming; he looked away.
He left me.
He let me fall down.
I think he didn't hear it.
I think he never heard it.
Or he never really cared.
As it stumbles down and crashes,
No one but me was at loss.
For once in my life,
To be this shredded feels insane.
I see thousands of reflection,
And these are all looking at me.
What have I become?
An empty glass with no weigh.
Is that really myself I see?
I'm speechless; is that really me?
Its smiling,
Yet tearing up at the same time.
And here I am,
Looking for help. Anyone. Anyone.
Can someone hear me?
Help me fix this.
Help me fix me.
The self I used to look upon.
Why is she shattered?
That's right---
Shattered all over.

(c) Ronixwrites

Hi guys! Yes, it's so emotional and feels so suffocating that I might just puke and start looking elsewhere. Hahaha, kidding! I'm actually trying to rest since Finals have been such a jerk. Yes, I want to get this over it. So I'm venting out this inner frustration, inevitable boredom and... I actually want to take a nap first before resuming studying for my two exams tomorrow.

P.S. I love Lea Michele's voice, that's why I'm listening to her song that is an original composition by her (I'm not sure though of this source) "To make it right". Such a nice song that I'm on repeat for the past 15 minutes already and while writing this. Huehue. #weirdmyselfandI

T'was a late post. Sarreh.

Thank you, and have a good night.
- R. :* (10-7-14 at 10:40 PM) 

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