Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ask me!

Hello there! So, I'll be answering some questions that were sent to me in and I hope you'll bear with my ranting. Thank you and enjoy reading!

1. Are you a writer?

Technically, I'm not really an established-writer but I'm somewhat an amateur, so to answer your question, yes, I guess.

2. What's your nickname?
I'm either called Ron, Rona, Ronny, Roni, Ona and Lon-lon. Yep, they just keep coming.

3. What's your twitter account? (follow me!)

4. Have you been rejected by a guy you like?

Actually, I have been. For the first time in my life, I felt it how actually bitter it was. I felt my heart won't stop pounding from extreme shock and I didn't know what else to say. My mind went blank and only the words "He rejected me." 

5. Was he someone really important?

He was once my bestfriend. Yep, such a shame. He was almost everything I hoped to be with.

6. Are you a perfectionist?

Well, my friends and peers say that I am and I shouldn't agrue my way out of it. Gosh, that bad, huh? I guess I am. And they like to add with a cherry on-top, "Miss bossy-determined-strict-uptight" that's one heck of a referrence.

7. Please choose: Your favorite book or your smart phone?

Gaaaah, this is HARD. Why ask such a thing? Umm, as much as I adore my favorite book but, I need to sacrifice. In order to convince myself, it can always be download via e-book. And so, it has been decided: Phone, I can't live without you. Lol

8. What are your sports?
• Swimming
• Badminton
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Table Tennis
• Shooting (chos!)

9. Can you give me your top 10 books?

9a. Anna and the French Kiss
9b. The Boyfriend Game
9c. Him and Her
9d. Float
9e. Switched
9f. Loving Mr. Daniels
9g. Smart Boys and Fast Girls
9h. Lola and the Boy Next-Door
9i. A and D
9j. Nora Robert's books (so many)

10. Are you in love or in a relationship right now? (So much for controversy)

Maybe and no. I'm not in a relationship right now and I tend to finish college first before entering that stage yet again in my life. As for the other, someone's making me happy and I like him, does that count? 

- R. 

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