Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Making things right.

Is there such a thing?
Someone broke my heart.
He let it slip through his fingers.
He was looking right at it,
And he wasn't afraid to let it fall.
He stared at it for the longest time.
He saw it coming; he looked away.
He left me.
He let me fall down.
I think he didn't hear it.
I think he never heard it.
Or he never really cared.
As it stumbles down and crashes,
No one but me was at loss.
For once in my life,
To be this shredded feels insane.
I see thousands of reflection,
And these are all looking at me.
What have I become?
An empty glass with no weigh.
Is that really myself I see?
I'm speechless; is that really me?
Its smiling,
Yet tearing up at the same time.
And here I am,
Looking for help. Anyone. Anyone.
Can someone hear me?
Help me fix this.
Help me fix me.
The self I used to look upon.
Why is she shattered?
That's right---
Shattered all over.

(c) Ronixwrites

Hi guys! Yes, it's so emotional and feels so suffocating that I might just puke and start looking elsewhere. Hahaha, kidding! I'm actually trying to rest since Finals have been such a jerk. Yes, I want to get this over it. So I'm venting out this inner frustration, inevitable boredom and... I actually want to take a nap first before resuming studying for my two exams tomorrow.

P.S. I love Lea Michele's voice, that's why I'm listening to her song that is an original composition by her (I'm not sure though of this source) "To make it right". Such a nice song that I'm on repeat for the past 15 minutes already and while writing this. Huehue. #weirdmyselfandI

T'was a late post. Sarreh.

Thank you, and have a good night.
- R. :* (10-7-14 at 10:40 PM) 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review: Hyouka (Anime)


Spoilers are inevitable when writing a review. For best results, please watch the anime before reading reviews. But if you want to know if this is worth watching and you're too skeptical about it, feel free to scroll down and proceed.

I really like the suspense and mystery of this anime. It does really remind you of the famous Sherlock Homes but with Hyouka, I like how the four of them has their own set of strengths. (Btw, I like the second ending of Hyouka where Satoshi and Oreki are criminals and Mayaka and Chitanda are detectives a.k.a Sherlock Homes style)

Strengths: (Based on my own observation while watching)

• Oreki Houtaru: over-all, he's the ultimate sherlock homes. With evidence at-hand, he's able to put the pieces altogether, with the help of the three. He usually gives leads and ideas to solve a case. He is easily persuaded by Chitanda, thus, it's easily shown he has a soft spot for her. He has great deduction skills and will solve a case (with Chitanda's effort), his patience slowly increased and tries to finish the case at-hand as much as possible. (Due to his energy-saving-conservation-motto)
• Eru Chitanda: she's always curious, which puts Oreki's skills to test. She's good with gathering information since she's almost friends with everyone in Kamiyama. She's also very observative and meticulous even in the slightest detail. She has a good sense of smell and can see well in the dark, as she said in Episode 20 where they find themselves trapped in a barn, which to Eru's dismay, slightly Hotarou's fault. She's pretty and quite frankly kawaii! Besides, she's nice and approachable. She's usually the one looking for ways to promote the Classics' Club by approaching the News Room Club. She's contagious towards Oreki, which is a good thing.
• Mayaka: she's almost good with every task thrown at her. She's a mangaka and knows how to work well with the team. She likes Satoshi, who in returns likes her too yet too afraid to admit it. 
• Satoshi: as he self-proclaims, he's become a database; which he did prove to everyone watching. He's actually pretty good however, when compared to Houtaru, it's in a whole new type of level. It is also revealed that he does love winning and will do whatever it takes to win. He envys Oreki's talents tho. (That's why it is shown like he has split personalities)

If you're not fond of mystery or suspense, you probably might not prefer Hyouka since its focus is more on cracking cases in Kamiyama than their little romance. If I were given a chance though,I'd certainly like to put more spice in their romance and assure viewers that they'll have closure towards their feelings for each other. Let's get this straight: there are no kiss scenes between Oreki and Eru or with the other two. (They blush mostly) Nevertheless, it's a great anime. They authors, directors, producers and editors of the anime will prove it to you. I feel as though I was cliff-hanged but, aren't we all? Still, it is shown that the mysterious sloth boy and curiously adorable girl main protagonists feels the same way. 

Note: As of now, there are no reports for a Season 2 of Hyouka, but if there was, maybe in the second season, i'm 60% certain that the "giddiness and butterflies-in-my-stomach" would definitely be increased. (Well, usually, that's the case!) Let's hope together! Kyaaaa. >u<

Title: Hyouka (2012)
Episodes: 22
Run-Time: 24 minutes per episode
Genre: Suspense, Mystery, School life, light romance and comedy
Rating: For me, 8.5/10


1. Oreki's idea of conservation
I think he's really a sloth throughout the course of the story but gradually learned to be a little bit active than continue being a couch-potato. His energy conservation motto can be quite useful too in times where Chitanda suddenly gets curious. He'll need all the energy he can get.

2. Satoshi dual personality
He actually has two sides: one where he's so calm and fun, he smiles widely and always a cheerful guy, and the other side of Satoshi that shows are the signs he usually flashes: change of facial expression, the way he looks/stare back and when he wants to solve the case first and beat Oreki.

3. Eru Chitanda's curiosity
I think it's funny that Chitanda's eyes sparkle when she's curious or wants to solve the case. She's always in a rush, as said by Houtaru. 

4. Satoshi and Mayaka
I do not get Satoshi at all. If he likes Mayaka, then he should ask her out. He's afraid of being obsessed towards Mayaka, that's why a fine line is drawn between them. I also think his reasonings are unacceptable. Come on, you're only fooling yourself. If Hyouka has a season 2, get going! Man up, Satoshi!

5. Oreki's older sister
Honestly, her face is never revealed througout the story yet you can probably assume she's pretty yet mature-looking, considering Tomoe is already 20 years old, Oreki's onee-san. It is implied that she's vital and plays an important role alongside the mysteries and cases her brother faces in school. The fountain pen she gave Oreki did make wonders in the Kamiyama Festival.

Ask me! ask.fm/Ronixwrites

Hello there! So, I'll be answering some questions that were sent to me in ask.fm and I hope you'll bear with my ranting. Thank you and enjoy reading!

1. Are you a writer?

Technically, I'm not really an established-writer but I'm somewhat an amateur, so to answer your question, yes, I guess.

2. What's your nickname?
I'm either called Ron, Rona, Ronny, Roni, Ona and Lon-lon. Yep, they just keep coming.

3. What's your twitter account?
Twitter.com/Ronixwrites (follow me!)

4. Have you been rejected by a guy you like?

Actually, I have been. For the first time in my life, I felt it how actually bitter it was. I felt my heart won't stop pounding from extreme shock and I didn't know what else to say. My mind went blank and only the words "He rejected me." 

5. Was he someone really important?

He was once my bestfriend. Yep, such a shame. He was almost everything I hoped to be with.

6. Are you a perfectionist?

Well, my friends and peers say that I am and I shouldn't agrue my way out of it. Gosh, that bad, huh? I guess I am. And they like to add with a cherry on-top, "Miss bossy-determined-strict-uptight" that's one heck of a referrence.

7. Please choose: Your favorite book or your smart phone?

Gaaaah, this is HARD. Why ask such a thing? Umm, as much as I adore my favorite book but, I need to sacrifice. In order to convince myself, it can always be download via e-book. And so, it has been decided: Phone, I can't live without you. Lol

8. What are your sports?
• Swimming
• Badminton
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Table Tennis
• Shooting (chos!)

9. Can you give me your top 10 books?

9a. Anna and the French Kiss
9b. The Boyfriend Game
9c. Him and Her
9d. Float
9e. Switched
9f. Loving Mr. Daniels
9g. Smart Boys and Fast Girls
9h. Lola and the Boy Next-Door
9i. A and D
9j. Nora Robert's books (so many)

10. Are you in love or in a relationship right now? (So much for controversy)

Maybe and no. I'm not in a relationship right now and I tend to finish college first before entering that stage yet again in my life. As for the other, someone's making me happy and I like him, does that count? 

- R. 

What sums you up.

This is weird; you might be weird... I might be weirder though.

1. I hate hypocrites.
2. I despise too much b*llcrap. (Excuse the language)
3. I like people with an approaching aura.
4. I love those who're friendly and outgoing.
5. I prefer simplicity over copycats.
6. Say NO to social climbers. (And people with crab mentality)
7. I hate those who waste their talents given by God. (Polish them and do them justice!)
8. I love to write and I aspire to become a famous writer someday.
9. I like my hair long and straight.
10. I prefer bangs. (Bang! Bang!)
11. I love animes. (Makes me an otaku then)
12. I hate wearing polos or shirts with a collar. (Not my style)
13. I love sneakers. 
14. I don't like to wear shoes that exposes my toes; makes me feel so transparent and vulnerable. (self-confidence shot down)
15. I love being sophisticated. (Just so)
16. I'm easily impressed. (But I can somehow see one's motives so be careful)
17. I always cheer people up. That's a motto I intend to do always. Smile more!
18. I want to be a brunette. (Because the perception of Brunettes are smart)
19. They say I'm witty and naughty at the same time.
20. I do what I see fits.
21. I can be so random at times. See? Practically these listed are NOT in order.
22. I'm more active in Twitter and IG than facebook and any other social media sites I have.
23. I'm vain. Yep, doesn't take a genius to figure that out, if you know me.
24. I try to perfect angles in taking shots. Frustrated/Amateur photographer. (Working on it!)
25. I can handle a gun. Bullseye.
26. Games I play: (P.S. My guy friends say I'm such a badass, including my brother. As a girl, I'm pretty much alright, they say)
A. Counter Strike 1.6
B. Prince of Persia 1-2
C. Max Payne
D. Cold Zero
E. Medal of Honor
F. Half Life
G. Sims 1-3
I. Red Alert 1-3 Yuri's Revenge
J. Resident Evil 4-6 (F.Y.I. Completed them in HARD difficulty--- touche)
K. X-Men: The Rise of Apocalypse
L. Marvel v.s. Capcom
M. Street Fighter
N. Left 4 Dead 1-2
O. Call of Duty (little only)
P. Dota (Tried a few times due to my persistent brother) he has a point tho, it builds strategy!
Q. Quake X Arena
(And a lot more. Sorry, i forgot some)
27. I adore dogs! (Boomer the rottweiler!)
28. I once own a shitzu. (It died tho. You will be missed, Amber)
29. I hate sleeping without any light.
30. I become sleepy when I can feel a moderate pressure on my hand or feet.
31. I am referred to as a perfectionist.
32. I'm stubborn and I tend to do things my way.
33. I still don't have a driver's license.
34. Referrence to #33, I know how to drive though.
35. I'm originally from Bacolod, but grew up in Tacloban City. (I'm proud!)
36. I'm a Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan Survivor.
37. I have won some when I published my stories. 
38. I am either a realist or optimist. Depends.
39. I don't like being compared.
40. I hate competitions. (Talent, IQ, status, rankings, rating or whatever the hell it is)
41. Don't expect me to talk to you if you're an eyesore.
42. If I don't like you, I really don't. I will never excuse myself for saying that.
43. I don't enjoy repeating myself. Don't be a broken-record.
44. People that cannot understand sarcasm annoys the hell out of me.
45. If you prefer to read Tagalog than English books, I think you're a lazy one. (study English then!)
46. I continue to read books to enhance my writing skills, vocabulary and grammar.
47. I like guys who're career-driven.
48. I think a guy is cute when he's all beta.
49. A guy with a pursuit of dreams and plans to achieve it no matter what is MY KIND OF GUY! 👄
50. I don't like people who act as if they're so high and mighty. I mean, grow up!
51. I tend to be neglectful at times.
52. I worry too much.
53. I love to articulate.
54. I love to listen to old school musics.
55. I will always find a way to finish what I started.
56. Turn off: guys who can't comprehend and utter English well. -__-
57. Fact: Out of 9/10 guy bestfriends I had, I only have one guy friend that I share a platonic relationship with. His name is Xavier. (We call each other 'best')
58. When guys ask me to be their bestfriend and they soon tell me they like me. Ulterior motives detected! Grrrr.
59. I hate being lied to.
60. I don't really like wild parties.
61. I prefer coffee over ice cream.
62. I love my friends and it pisses me off if someone tries to hurt them. (Taste my sweet punches)
63. I love swimming. (I swim a lot)
64. I love to travel!
65. Dream destinations: Paris, Europe, China, Hongkong, South Korea, Japan etc.
66. I have my 'person'. Her name is Trina Marie.
67. I've been bestfriends with Xavier for 5 years now.
68. I've been bestfriends with Trina Marie since Sophomore year in high school.
69. I also have my other close friends like Iana, Lethie, Sapphire, Nia, Noreen, Kenjo, Marlon who're part of our barkada.
70. I'm more close with my high school barkada than my College ones.
71. I was a Kulasa/Scholastican.
72. I had never lit a cigar. Ever.
73. I drink occasionally.
74. I love to pamper my mom and dad.
75. As a kid, I always give coupon services to my family members.
76. Me and my siblings have a tight bond. We're all extremely close and talk about almost everything with each other.
77. My mom is my mentor.
78. My dad is my greatest critic.
79. My sister is my supporter.
80. My brother always has my back.
81. I don't immediately fall in love. (Easily impressed? Yes. Fall in love? Nope.)
82. When I choose to like someone, I really do and I pour out my outmost effort, feelings and time for him. 
83. I don't easily forget, be it a person or an emotional investment.
84. Peeping toms are the lowest!
85. I really can't live without books. (Read over a hundred books already. I'm so greedy and I want more!)
86. I am saved by grace!
87. I will NEVER trade my faith for anything else. If he's Mr. Right, he'll never ask me to give up anything.
88. Still in the quest of figuring things out.
89. Currently, I am not able to finish my book.
90. Praying that my book will be New York's Best Time Seller when it comes out, God willing.
91. I am not impractical, I just yearn to do my outmost possibilities in life.
92. Say NO to luck. There is no such thing.
93. I am not a superstitious person.
94. I think wearing glasses makes you look smart.
95. Fact: I was led on for 3 years, and I fell into my idiotic hole. I was stupid then.
96. I never waver; I know what I want when I set my mind on it.
97. I don't like myself or people going into other people's back.
98. I bite my straw when I sip.
99. I have braces. NERD!
100. I intend to pursue my dreams, whatever it takes.
101. Pharmacist in the making.
102. I love Christmas and Thanksgiving.
103. I ignore arrogant fools.
104. I can never draw.
105. I'm a singer... in the shower, of course.
106. I'm spoiled by my dad with love and food.
107. My brother will get all protective on me when I'm hurt or a guy tries to court me. Huehue.
108. I don't think I'm a nice girl. I am but not really. I can be very, very, very bad too.
109. If I were a vegetable, i'd be a potato.
110. 110, are you kidding me?!

I got carried away, sorry!

R. 👄

Reaching Empire State *SOON*

First off, I like the title.

It sounds like it's in a rush, but it's not. Reaching your destination? I think you have a goal there.

Second, Empire State.

Pop question? Where is Empire State located? Of course I know the answer! For I know the answer to my question, I leave this to you then. So, where?

Thirdly, it feels so... Upscale and in a whole new kind of level.

It gives you already an idea of how the story goes--- chasing (police, cops, detectives) or (architects, engineers due to buildings) Hahaha. No, this will be more of a suspense to the readers. (It's NOT going to be a suspense type of story!)

Genre? The only sure genre I have for this  book is sarcasm, romance, drama and a little bit of humor here and there. (Yet don't mistake it for a romantic comedy. Yikes! Not going to happen tho)

Alright, I'm blabbering again. Time to go.

P.S. I am back on track in terms of finishing what I love to start. Do not dare to interrupt such a marvelous idea! (Not really, feel free to go crazy on me)

Yours Truly,
R. 👄