Thursday, September 11, 2014

Managing hurdles; preparations for Friday

We're all trying to make things comfortable yet right at the same time. This ceremony is a very important milestone (yes, i see it that way) as a professional in my line of work in the near future, God willing. I am in my Junior year as a pharmacy student and I couldn't be happier. 

Yes, pharmacy itself requires tremendous amount of effort of your time, skills and can sometimes be intellectual-draining. (You know, memorizing the entire book like it's only 2 to 3 pages) But I guess all courses that are related to the medical field has a say in this. It. Is. Hard. Though. I. Tell. You.

To make it short--- it ain't easy. But inspite the numerous trials and obstacles that a student faces, it does feel nice to have all your hardwork partially paid off.

Some might say it's just a white coat ceremony; big deal--- NO. It's not just a simple ceremony to begin with it. This sacred and wonderful event signifies that these students have reached or accomplished satisfactory marks that enables them to proceed as third year students. I am proud student of Riverside! I am a pioneer student of Riverside College-Bacolod!

Father God, despite last year's tragic occurence of the onsalught Typhoon Haiyan, you continue to guide me and bless me in my school and the pursuit of my dreams. Yes, Lord. I will continue to live and reach for the stars and glorify your name! You are the God that gives and the God that takes away. I will always bring back the glory to you, oh Lord.

I am trully blessed! 9-12-14 

- R.

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