Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 21st: We remember one's courage to pursue FREEDOM

I may have not been born during those times but after watching today's mini movie after all the hardships and trials Ninoy Aquino had to go through and his family is beyond description of suffering and soliditude. He was human as well; therefore admitting surrender to end such devastating crisis in his life where he has become the sinner.

I do not want to elaborate further of the events of Ninoy's remarkable dedication contributed for the country because each and everyone of us is very well aware of that. However, I am very much glad to have watched the movie that lasted approximately for 30-45 minutes which gained me positively more knowledge before, during and after the late senator's death. The Filipinos will always be grateful for his legacy which he died honorably for his people.

As life goes on, his legacy will forever live on as well. We might had suspected something big were to occur on August 21 of 1983 the moment he left the aircraft. I was expecting a conveyor (the one being used as passageways for planes nowadays for a direct route towards the airport) why wasn't he in that? With that being said, his death inevitably rose the burning desires of our fellow Filipinos to fight for what's rightfully ours--- FREEDOM.

I may not have been able to witness all of these events face to face, but that will not prevent me from learning and relating to such an important celebration for this country.

Philippines was once in the hands of slavery, and yet here we are now, alive and able to speak our minds out for the good of mankind. 

This is something worth dying for. 

Ninoy even acknowledged our mighty Creator who was always by his side in times of his difficulties. He was humbled down by God, and he had faith in Him.

I salute you, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino.

August 21, 2014.
- R.

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