Saturday, August 30, 2014

11:11 Make a wish!

I'll always be that little girl who keeps waiting to witness miraculous ways of seeing one's dreams come true. A dreamer like myself will NEVER stop believing for the things she ought to know is right and just. There will always be that little kid in me who wants to see the world in a different perspective, and shed light towards parts that are unclear to me.

11:11. As silly it may seem, I believe in miracles and wishing upon shooting stars. It brings the delightness of the cold evening breeze in a rush towards my shivering skin. I don't know what to say but all I know is this: the little kid in me is expecting for the Christmas carols soon, seeing that it's only 4 months till Christmas.

She loves the song CHRISTMAS LIST by Michael Buble. For her, it sounds and feels like home. Thank you Lord.

- R.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I fell in love with Korean Dramas at the age of 14

The first Korean drama I came across was Coffee Prince. Man, i really got addicted with Gong Eun Chan and Choi Han Kyul's tandem. (Ohmygosh, I remember their screen names!) Automatically, yes, I've become a fan of Yoon Eun Hye who is by far the most beautiful face and charismatic persona I've ever seen in Korean actresses. (Seriously, she's like the whole package. Witwew) Anyhow, I also admire Gong Yoo's sexiness. (His cool developed further after the first 5 episodes of the drama) I've got to admit; he looks really nice in long sleeves and skinny jeans.

Actually, (This won't take long; just a little info like Did-You-Know-Facts-101) before I start watching fully any drama handed to me or placing that shiny disk upon that little hanging tongue the DVD player has, the drama should first pass my criteria. (Critic lang ang peg? Haha) But yes, I must like the pilot episode (If you're always wondering what is a PILOT EPISODE, it is the first release of an episode to see the reactions of viewers if it will either pass or be flapped) before watching the full drama. Seriously, I am really picky when it comes to genres as well.

I'd go for the following genres:

(In animes, if you're wondering:)
School life
Gender bender

Anyways with that being said, I am definitely the romantic-type since I loving watching movies or scenes that makes me fall in love. (It makes you feel younger each time you get goosebumps!)

So this may take a long time if I decide to summarize and further elaborate all the dramas I've watched (more than a hundred including other asian dramas) so I'll be listing my thumbs-up dramas (Not in order) because maybe, just maybe--- this will be a turning point in your life and become inspired with dramas like these! :)

1. Princess Hours or Goong
2. I Miss You or Missing You
3. 49 Days
4. Stairway to Heaven
5. The Big Thing
6. Smile, You
7. Cinderella Sisters
8. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
9. Coffee Prince
10. My Fair Scheming Lady
11. Bad Love
12. Queen and I
13. The Moon that Embraces the Sun
14. Rooftop Prince
15. Lie to Me 
16. Seducing Mr. Right (Movie)
17. Me Too, Flower!
18. My Girl
19. Tamra the Island
20. My Sassy Girl (Movie)

And a lot more. (Mind block; next time!)

- R.

August 21st: We remember one's courage to pursue FREEDOM

I may have not been born during those times but after watching today's mini movie after all the hardships and trials Ninoy Aquino had to go through and his family is beyond description of suffering and soliditude. He was human as well; therefore admitting surrender to end such devastating crisis in his life where he has become the sinner.

I do not want to elaborate further of the events of Ninoy's remarkable dedication contributed for the country because each and everyone of us is very well aware of that. However, I am very much glad to have watched the movie that lasted approximately for 30-45 minutes which gained me positively more knowledge before, during and after the late senator's death. The Filipinos will always be grateful for his legacy which he died honorably for his people.

As life goes on, his legacy will forever live on as well. We might had suspected something big were to occur on August 21 of 1983 the moment he left the aircraft. I was expecting a conveyor (the one being used as passageways for planes nowadays for a direct route towards the airport) why wasn't he in that? With that being said, his death inevitably rose the burning desires of our fellow Filipinos to fight for what's rightfully ours--- FREEDOM.

I may not have been able to witness all of these events face to face, but that will not prevent me from learning and relating to such an important celebration for this country.

Philippines was once in the hands of slavery, and yet here we are now, alive and able to speak our minds out for the good of mankind. 

This is something worth dying for. 

Ninoy even acknowledged our mighty Creator who was always by his side in times of his difficulties. He was humbled down by God, and he had faith in Him.

I salute you, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino.

August 21, 2014.
- R.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to spend your P100 during weekends in STYLE. (we won the contest!)

For those of you who may have not been informed, I was in Tacloban for the entire week for the second week of August. (We have internet connection there but I was too lazy to update my blog so yeah. HAHA)

Anyways, before my scheduled flight for Cebu last week, during in our English class, we had our mini contest as to which group wins our instructor's 100 pesos bill by impressing him with the given title, HOW TO SPEND YOUR 100 PESOS WONDERFULLY--- something like that. I forgot the initial title as I was too eager to make my own line of version of the said topic. (Yes, please sue me but anything regards to writing, I am definitely up for it.)

I love writing and I think I'm improving each year in terms of constructing sentences, grammar and right sentencing but not expecting to be the best of the best. I have, however, a lot to learn from famous writers like my role models: Stephanie Perkins, Stephie Davis, John Green (Gosh, if I want to be like him, I really have to work on my Shakespearean side. I swear.) Peter van houten (Yes, he is fictional in the famous sick love story, TFIOS, but I admire this fictional writer. Way to go, Mr. Green) I strive for improvement and challenges day by day, if I ever dream of becoming in the league of these beautiful and talented writers. Just the mere thought of being in the same sentence with them is like... overwhelming. How I wish. Sighs.

Without further ado, I am posting right now for the main purpose that I just received the news that me and my partner, Ms. Precy Lampago won the contest in our English class last week. Hooray! I was definitely not expecting anything since we went on with a different approach than the original plan. The title says how to SPEND; we never did any spending. Well, we did, but only P10 pesos.

How is that even possible, you ask? Curiosity kills the cat. Unfortunately, I do not have the copy of what we have written but I can assure you, it's definitely one funny article. We sort of made it like a guideline101 or how to spend your P100 in style for dummies, that sort of thing. Hihi.

Nevertheless, thank you Lord! You gave me such an imaginative mind; I will, therefore, savor this and polish it more. It will and always will be my dream to become a famous writer. (In God's time.)

Father, I bring back all the glory and praise to you. Thank you, once again.

- R.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An unexpected turn of events

I was talking to a friend last night at around 8 am when my other phone beeped. Me and my friend's conversation was cut off shortly to approximately 12 minutes. (Globe: 11:59 or exactly 12, TM: 4:59) And just when I was about to leave my bedroom, my phone rang and my dad was calling me. I immediately leaped up from where I was and slid my thumb across my phone's screen. "Good Evening, hi dad!"

Actually, I called him earlier but he was in a meeting so he told he'll call me back instead. "How was school?" My dad always asks this; well maybe just to see if it's working out for me here in Bacolod, I suppose. 

I mentioned that the school's intrams is fast approaching. I also told him that for the next week, I'll be free for one entire week. He sounded happy. "One week? That long?" Yep, that's how it is here. "Great timing, palangga!" An endearment mom and dad uses--- don't ask. (It's cute tho) "I'm going to Cebu to buy some stuff this Saturday, meet me halfway there? Then stay in Tacloban for the week."

I thought he wasn't serious. "Oh dad, I really want to but I'm afraid I'll have to pass. You see, after our intrams, the following week will be our midterms. I want to study real hard for the upcoming exams because I have a low score on my other major subjects and I want to make bawi-bawi. And besides, being there would prevent me from doing any studying---"

I was cut off. Yep, this was just a nice conversation turned into a debate. My dad won't lose this argument though. Ha. Ha. "Nonsense. What difference would it make if you were here? Besides, there's an established connection of internet here and the new computer in the living room. There's no reason for you not to be able to do some studying." 

Okay. I give up; you win, dad. "Um, see you in 3 days, dad!" But I remembered something. "But the ticket--- I can't get one here via online because my laptop still isn't working~"

I could practically imagine my dad's grin on the other line. "We'll book you here a ticket or I'll just directly go to the airport tomorrow. See you. Love you!"

Well, if this pushes through, see you soon Tacloban!

Oh, before I forget, let me pack my bags first. :) Flying alone will be one of my firsts. I am ecstatic; I cannot wait!

- R.