Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paying and receiving what's rightfully due

Yesterday my mood was shot down to point .1 after arriving from school. No, work loads of stuff at school is not the prime suspect of my expected shitty night; it was all because of that stupid driver's fault! Grrrr.

How did it happened
I got off from the jeepney at the main road as I needed another ride to reach my destination. (The jeepney was heading straight for the terminal, I wasn't) So I approached one of the drivers and said my general address. He looked at me for a minute before motioning me that, "That's a  bit far; I'll just drop you off at the entrance?"

I immediately countered, "No, not in the entrance. Look, I'll pay you more. And besides, it's just straight ahead once we enter the subdivision."

He grinned; of course he would! I was offering to pay more just to keep him from going from that same old excuses I hear every time I'm about to go home. Honestly, it's annoying. 

So he agreed. "Okay, and you'll pay XXX for the fare right?"

Whatever it takes, old man. I just want to go home since it was already late. "Yep." And I popped the P sound.

Everything was going fine until we entered the subdivision and asked me suddenly, "Where?"

I answered, "Straight ahead."

And that was when we both argued and he was getting annoyed because he though it was only near and it wasn't. (Hello, it is NEAR. It's just straight ahead! First time meeting this big-mouthed driver here in Bacolod. ANNOYING!) I'm paying and you think you can get to say mean things like I'm stupid or something?

So I got off even it was still a few blocks from my house, paid him what I promised and stomped off, not caring what he kept on muttering under his breath.

You good for nothing old geezer. How dare you.

WARNING: Always try to see if the driver is not a first-grade DOUCHEBAG.

- R.    


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